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I think the article on Jackie Robinson’s first game was good. The writer gave certain details about how the day was. This day would be marked in the history book as a great achievement for African-Americans and all other kinds of people. Jackie Robinson made history by being the first African-American player in major league history to play in the sport. Although he didn’t have a good game he tried his best to impress the crowd of Dodger fans. From the writers point of view the stadium wasn’t sold out, but there were more than enough fans to see Jackie Robinson’s first game as a Brooklyn Dodger. The fans sounded like they supported the team for signing Jackie Robinson and making history. Although the stadium wasn’t completely filled there were more than enough fans there to show Jackie Robinson that he was more than welcome to play in the major league. I liked how the article focused on how Jackie Robinson did during the game. Most of the article gave information on how Jackie Robinson did and how the crowd responded to his performance. He didn’t have a home run but he showed some promise that he could play defense as well as hit the ball on offense even if he didn’t score. I could tell from the article that Jackie Robinson wasn’t too happy that he didn’t play the way he wanted. I felt like he wanted to impress not only the fans in the stands, but the world as well. Even though he didn’t perform the way he wanted to. The fans still showed him support and cheered for him as he made his first start with the Dodgers. I was very happy that the racist barrier had been broken. It’s good to see all kinds of players from around the world get a chance to do something they are good at such as playing sports. Jackie Robinson in my opinion is the leader for the new era of baseball.

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